Protecting Your Business: Security You Didn’t Know You Needed

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Blog, Business Security

When it comes to setting up security for your business, you probably think about access codes and key fobs to enter doors, security cameras, safes, and locks, but you shouldn’t stop there. There are many other places that you may not have considered, and wouldn’t even think of until it’s too late. SEi can handle both the obvious security needs for your place of business, but also those overlooked yet helpful security safeguards you never even considered. Here are five ways you may have never considered to use your security system to protect your business:

1. Monitor Casing Behavior:

While you may have already considered and even installed security cameras inside and outside your business. Often initial camera installations only provide basic video coverage and storage. Beyond monitoring who is coming and going, enhanced video monitoring can automatically track loitering, tailgating, and forbidden boundary crossing. Helping to automatically notify the onsite authorities of the potential for robbery or concerning behavior. You can review video footage for the following behavior:

  • Unfamiliar vehicles that are loitering near your office. If a vehicle sticks around for an extended period of time or repeatedly shows up with no clear agenda, this could be a sign.
  • Someone you do not recognize taking pictures of your building or parked vehicles in your parking lot. If you happen to notice someone doing this, you will want to stay vigilant.

2. Automated Lights

Outdoor video monitoring can be greatly improved by automated lights on the exterior of your business and in the parking lot. At SEi Security, we have a wide range of security cameras to meet your needs.

3. Gate Access

Some business parking areas are protected by a gate. Instead of hiring someone to man the gate, or leaving it unlocked and unsecure, SEi Security has the products you need to secure the gate to your business. We can install an access control solution allowing authorized staff to gain timely access to the property. Visitors to the facility could be serviced by a SEi installed intercom solution, thus notifying office staff of when an authorized party requires remote entry.

4. Protect Your Dumpster

Most businesses pay by weight for the disposal for the contents contained within their business dumpster. If you are experiencing issues with employees adding non business related items, or strangers dumping their trash into your dumpster, SEi can help you secure your dumpster. Here are a few ways we can help to secure your dumpster:

  • Install SEi contacts that sound a siren when triggered by an unsecured dumpster lid
  • Install a dedicated motion activated camera
  • Install automatic lights and/or a recorded message that will play once triggered to scare them away.

5. Securing Your Business Vehicles

Do you have dedicated trucks, vans, or other vehicles that are stored in your parking lot overnight? To secure these vehicles from break-ins or from being stolen, you can install a contact on the doors of your vehicles and have them linked to your security system so that when the system is armed at night the contacts will trigger your security system with automatic lights, a siren, or a recorded message that plays and scares the intruder.



Whatever your business needs, SEi Security can custom design and deploy an intrusion solution that identifies and deters activities that can harm your business and threaten your employees. Secure your business by knowing all the options SEi Security provides. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your business secure.

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