Commercial Video Monitoring & Verification

Gain visibility and control over your business with SEi’s video monitoring and video verification services.

Live video streaming 24/7, video verification and proactive video management and monitored video surveillance keeps you informed in real-time.

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The safety of your business is our focus.

You have the camera system now it’s time to ensure it’s working for you with monitored video surveillance. Call us today at 800-279-3667, to learn how video verification can improve your alarm management process.

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Remote View

Stay ahead of potential risks.

Stay informed with what’s happening underneath your cameras at all times with SEi’s remote view.

Live Video Streaming 24/7

See just what goes on when you’re not around and improve employee productivity with live video streaming from any web-enabled device 24/7. Set motion triggered/detection alerts. Low bandwidth requirements. Eliminate software licensing upgrades and charges with always up-to-date technology.

Offsite Digital Storage

Keeps your video protected and secures offsite storage with advanced encryption technology. Works as standalone system or integrates with most existing systems. Updated video viewing and storage solution means there is no longer a need for a DVR to store your video recordings.

Remote Web Management

This amazingly simple solution gives customers immediate visible access to archive data using a web-accessible dashboard to search and playback video by date, time, schedule or events. A straightforward way to store and access video footage, on-demand from any location.

Event Notification

SEi offers monitored video surveillance security systems that allows you to stay connected to your business from anywhere. Receive automatic email and phone notifications the instant motion is detected or receive arm/disarm or open/close reports.

Video Health Monitoring

Know your video system is working when you need it.

Real time video health monitoring keeps you informed about critical issues and potential problems with your video system.
Save time and money while helping you make the transition from reactive to proactive video management and surveillance.

Video Health Monitoring

Hard Drive Health

Receive alerts if a hard drive begins to fail so video can be backed up and the system repaired. Reduces or eliminates downtime.

System Reporting

Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports on the health of your system. Allows you to see all is well at a glance and have documentation for compliance requirements

Storage Retention

Set and monitor alerts for minimum storage requirements to adhere to internal policy or government regulations.

Video Quality

When programmed, camera image quality and frame of reference is monitored to ensure video quality has not degraded or camera has not been tampered with.

Additional Health Monitoring Benefits:

Online User Management

Health Monitoring

Store & Share Videos Online

Instantly Apply Permission Changes

Roaming User Profiles and Settings

Single Sign On for All Clients

Video Verification

Live SEi Ambassador Verification 24/7/365

Leveraging technology with event confirmation.

Guard watching surveillance video

Reduce False Alarms and Fees

Prevent receiving fines for false alarms. False alarms caused by faulty equipment, user error, and nature are common causes of costly false alarms. By alleviating this strain, it also reduces costs by sending a staff member to verify alarms during after work hours.

Improved Police Response Times with Verified Event in Progress

A verified video alarm is a PRIORITY ONE RESPONSE from the police, it is a verified “crime in progress”. As a result, will arrive quickly on the scene increasing the likelihood of an arrest and minimizing disruption to your business.

Increase Apprehensions

When it comes to securing your business, video verification adds an additional layer of protection to protect employees, customers, and property by providing priority alarms to law enforcement leading to increased apprehensions.

Complete Visibility

Through Video Verification, SEi removes the guess work of determining what caused your alarm to be activated, and verify if a break-in is in progress and dispatch law enforcement. This will reduce the potential for losses incurred by unwanted incidents.


Alarm Activated - Sensor Communicates with SEi's 24/7 Monitoring Center

SEi Ambassador Reviews Alarm Activity with Live Video - Confirms Actual Alarm

If Threat Identified through Video is Verified - First Responders Dispatched

Customer Care Ambassador

Video Verification Process:

Customize Specific Action Steps

SEi works with each client to customize specific action steps should a security alarm zone or video analytic be triggered and sent to SEi’s 24/7 Customer Care Center.

Review Alarm Activity

SEi’s Ambassadors will immediately review the alarm activity and recorded video.

Contact First Responders

If an actionable event is confirmed through the video verification process, the SEi Ambassador will contact First Responders in agreement with the clients previously documented action steps.

Video Access

Recorded video can be played back and/or downloaded as needed.

Video Verification Benefits:

Enhances interior and exterior security

Saves $$$ vs. onsite paid services

Verification for your critical areas

Records activities 24/7

View and download playback

Satisfy required regulations

Remote access


Compatible with most video systems

Prioritized police response

Virtual Guard Service

24/7/365 eyes on critical infrastructure

Leverage benefits of virtual confirmation vs. costly onsite patrols.

Security guards reviewing video feed

What is Virtual Guard Service?

Virtual Video Check In

SEi Ambassadors provide scheduled hourly, daily or periotic virtual video check in.

Report Activity in Camera

Ambassadors are trained to report activity on what is or is not in the camera view.

Virtual Guard Tour

Customer selects the most critical cameras for the virtual guard tours.

Virtual Guard Service Can:

Detect suspicious activity

Verify operational integrity of mechanical equipment

Monitor for equipment operating out of temperature range

Economical guard solution

Catch leaks, spills or overflows early

Enhanced service for existing intrusion and fire alarm monitored customers

Your Safety Is Our Business.

Safeguard your security system investment with SEi's Extended Care maintenance program.

SEi Extended Care maintenance program keeps your system operating at its best possible efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Regular service and maintenance of your system significantly improves system reliability, reduces false alarms can increase the life of alarm systems. SEi offers tailored, comprehensive maintenance plans for all types of security systems.

SEi protects what you worked hard to build with complete 24/7 monitored security protection.

Find out why thousands of business owners trust SEi to keep their facilities and staff secure, with next-generation security technology backed by round-the-clock service and our own dedicated team of SEi Ambassadors. Customized solutions include intrusion systems, managed video surveillance, access control systems, fire systems, and more, all backed by our award-winning UL-Listed Monitoring.

Explore additional business security solutions.

Business Security

Protect your investment and unify operations with intuitive and effective security management systems.

Fire Alarm and Monitoring

We design, install & monitor fire protection systems 24/7, and perform all required tests & inspections to standards.

Video Surveillance

Secure and protect your property and prevent loss with remote view using advanced security camera systems.

Video Monitoring

You’ve got the camera system, now ensure it’s working for you with monitored video surveillance.


Full property and scheduling control with on-the-go smart apps for locks, lighting and temperature control.

Access Control

Manage who is coming and going, set schedules and customize access with key free access control.

Business Services

Complete property monitoring for water, temperature, combustible gas, dashboard and open/close reporting.

Extended Care Program

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program keeps all your systems operating at their peak 24/7.

Call 800-279-3667 for a FREE survey of your commercial property or fill out the form to get started now.

Secure your business with 24/7 live video monitoring, video verification and virtual guard protection for your premises.

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