Card Access Systems For Businesses

Access control systems allow you to know exactly who enters a building, room, or cabinet and when.  Manage and secure access points at your business today with SEi. Protecting people, property and assets by restricting and tracking entry points.

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High-level security that locks/key cannot provide.

Remove the need for a traditional lock and key and even a security guard with hassle-free access from SEi.
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Advantages of an Access Control System

Manage and secure access points throughout your organization.

Access control makes life easier for you and your employees by easily managing who comes and goes. Remove the need for a traditional lock and key and even a security guard with hassle-free access from SEi.

Permission Based

Create specialized access levels, security zones, controlling access to doors, elevators, gates and other points of entry by person, day of week, or time of day to ensure your property is secure.

Grant or Revoke Access Anytime, Anywhere

Activate or deactivate cards, assign access levels, create temporary guest access for a vendor, manage users across multiple sites with a single click.

Manage Visitor Access

Strengthen your workplace security with SEi. See exactly who’s visiting your office, when, and why. Know instantly if a unwanted visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry.

a person gains access control entry using a card reader

Mobile Lock Control

Use your phone to lock or unlock your business from anywhere using our mobile app. No need to worry about physical keys or forgetting passcodes.

Eliminate Key Management

Grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and time-frames. See who goes where and when – say goodbye to managing mechanical keys.

Integrated Buildings

The key benefit of integrated systems is that everything works together for a more seamless user experience. Integrate access control and visitor entry systems with intrusion and video surveillance systems to create a comprehensive security network.

Building Management / Access Control Systems

Control access with a device that fits your business.

Have a constant eye on who’s coming through your property, safeguard sensitive spaces and data and stop unwanted visitors in their path with SEi’s access control and cloud access control systems.
an access control proximity key card reader being used

Proximity Card / Fob

Industry standard proximity systems work with cards and keyfobs.

Access Control Reader using bluetooth technology

Smartphone / Bluetooth

Systems use smartphones, tablets, or wearables to gain access through Bluetooth.

access control using a Biometric Scan Reader


Access using biometric devices like fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, facial recognition scanner and hand geometry readers.

Video Intercom System being used at business entry for access control

Video Intercom

Video and two-way voice allow visual supervision of those entering and exiting the facility.

Manage and Authorize Each of Your Access Entry Points:

Building Entrances

Employee Entrances

Secure Offices

File Rooms

Storage Rooms

Controlled Substances

Product Rooms

Vendor Access

IT / Server Rooms

Multiple Tenants

Managed Access Control / Cloud Access Control

Let SEi host and manage your system.

Take control of your system without the headaches of the day-to-day maintenance.

access control customer is using his work pc to monitor access to the business

Assign Users by Group, Facility or Parameter

It’s easy to use! Create specialized access levels, security zones, create time and date ranges, and give multiple location access. 

Manage users Across Panels with a Single Click

With the management dashboard, Administrators can easily assign different employees or part-time employees different access to access certain doors at certain times – with a simple click of a button.

Customize reports and user fields for flexibility

If you’re tracking the specifics of an incident or simply looking to generate access logs, SEi makes exporting detailed activity reports easy and convenient.

Import from existing databases

SEi’s access control system is designed to integrate with the database tools you already use for streamlined automation.

Built in intrusion integration

SEi’s access control platform provides enhanced security with a detailed view of everything happening at building access points in real time, and logs events like force attempts and doors being held open.

Managed Access Control / Cloud Access Control Benefits:

No on-site software and no on-site server

System is hosted in the cloud

Log in from anywhere – Always up to date

Easy to use interface

Make your own changes or ask SEi to

Your Safety Is Our Business.

Safeguard your security system investment with SEi's Extended Care maintenance program.

SEi Extended Care maintenance program keeps your system operating at its best possible efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Regular service and maintenance of your system significantly improves system reliability, reduces false alarms can increase the life of alarm systems. SEi offers tailored, comprehensive maintenance plans for all types of security systems.

SEi protects what you worked hard to build with complete 24/7 monitored security protection.

Find out why thousands of business owners trust SEi to keep their facilities and staff secure, with next-generation security technology backed by round-the-clock service and our own dedicated team of SEi Ambassadors. Customized solutions include intrusion systems, managed video surveillance, access control systems, fire systems, and more, all backed by our award-winning UL-Listed Monitoring.

Explore additional business security solutions.

Business Security

Protect your investment and unify operations with intuitive and effective security management systems.

Fire Alarm and Monitoring

We design, install & monitor fire protection systems 24/7, and perform all required tests & inspections to standards.

Video Surveillance

Secure and protect your property and prevent loss with remote view using advanced security camera systems.

Video Monitoring

You’ve got the camera system, now ensure it’s working for you with monitored video surveillance.


Full property and scheduling control with on-the-go smart apps for locks, lighting and temperature control.

Access Control

Manage who is coming and going, set schedules and customize access with key free access control.

Business Services

Complete property monitoring for water, temperature, combustible gas, dashboard and open/close reporting.

Extended Care Program

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program keeps all your systems operating at their peak 24/7.

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