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ACCESS CONTROL SEi Employee Access Point Tracking


An ideal management system protects people and property while making business operations easier. SEi’s Access Control System makes authorized access hassle-free. With unobtrusive installation for a wide variety of readers, an access control system provides total control and tracking of every user and every access point.


Whether a system uses turnstiles, proximity readers, or biometric devices, SEi’s consultants and installers specialize in minimizing their impact on locations’ designs without sacrificing security. The resulting system is effective, convenient and discrete.


SEi’s Access Control allows you to create specialized access levels, security zones, create time and date ranges and multiple location access.


Access Control solutions extend to showroom display cases, equipment cabinets and storage drawers.


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MANAGED ACCESS CONTROL Go Hands Free With SEi Account Management SEi


With this access control solution, SEi personally handles all of the management and changes to your account. Need to add or delete a user, change approved access for an employee, create temporary access for an employee or vendor or any other reasons to make a change to your system?  Simply call SEi’s Customer Care Center and our trained ambassadors will make that change for you, anytime day or night.


SEi manages your system 24/7, tracking and recording the movement of employees and visitors in your facility. Receive detailed reports on access activity whenever you need them.


Save time & money with Managed Access Control.  Your system lives in the cloud and there is no need for costly computer equipment and software maintenance. There is no need for a dedicated employee to handle the software and changes.  This can free up employee resources as well as give peace of mind to owners if the one person on staff who knows how to use the software is not available.


SEi can print customized access cards or badges that will give users access to authorized areas of your facility—with no codes to remember. SEi assigns access levels, arms and disarms access cards, schedules door locks or unlocks and manages user profiles.


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HOSTED ACCESS CONTROL SEi Take Control of Your Company's Card Entry System


Beneath the design elegance of a SEi Hosted Access is a powerful management tool that makes it easy for administrators to customize each user’s access privileges, even across multiple locations. Total control of your access control system without the day-to-day maintenance.


Hosted Access Control gives you the ability to make your own changes, edits and reports. The software is hosted in the SEi Customer Care Center and is you access through an online easy to use interface.  Log into your system from anywhere with internet access via computer or mobile app.


Remote programming and control of your access control system allows you to activate or deactivate cards, assign access levels, manage users across multiple sites with a single click and assign access by group, facility or other parameter. All functions that typically required software on a server in your office can be done online with SEi Hosted Access Control.


Your access control system lives in the cloud and there is no on-site software or server needed. You are always up to date with the latest software. SEi’s access control solutions have built in intrusion integration so that the systems work together.


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