6 Popular Business Enhancements to your Current Security System

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Business Security

There are many ways that you can protect your business – from locking doors to video surveillance. But, there may be some blind spots within your business that can be enhanced by adding to your current Security System. Let’s explore six security elements that could easily be overlooked by business owners.


1. Visitor Management

When someone comes to visit your business, there are some ways you can safeguard you business. An intercom system coupled with secured doors emerges as a powerful tool, providing a personalized touch to access control. Popularly adopted in educational institutions like schools, this technology allows seamless communication with individuals at the entrance. Administrators can not only see and converse with the person at the door but also exercise control over access permissions. Taking it a step further, visitor credentials, often in the form of badges, become integral. These badges not only serve as visual identification but can also double up as access control cards, ensuring that visitors navigate only through the designated areas.

2. Automation

Picture this: a smart system where the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is intricately tied to the security infrastructure. During a snow day, when the security alarm is activated, the system intelligently ensures that the heating remains at a lower set point in unoccupied areas, optimizing energy usage and cost. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also underscores a proactive approach to resource management. But the brilliance of automation doesn’t end there. Imagine arriving at your business premises, disarming the security system, and witnessing the space come to life – lights illuminating an OPEN sign beckoning customers. This intuitive synchronization between security protocols and everyday functionality not only enhances the ambiance for clients but also streamlines the start and end of each operational day. Conversely, when the system is armed, the lights dim, and non-essential systems power down, ensuring an efficient use of resources.

3. Environmental

When it comes to managing the environment or your offices, leveraging technology for water and temperature monitoring can be vital in proactive risk mitigation. Imagine a system that not only detects leaks promptly but also alerts on-site personnel to respond swiftly to prevent potential damages. Temperature monitoring, especially in restaurants proves instrumental for preserving the integrity of perishable goods stored in refrigerators and freezers. Connectivity with thermostats facilitates real-time adjustments, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive environments like data closets, server farms, or even pharmacies storing temperature-sensitive medications.

4. Fire

Fire monitoring is a critical part of business safety, particularly for industries where a fire outbreak could be devastating such as daycares, schools, hotels, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. In these environments, the well-being of individuals is paramount, and early detection through fire monitoring systems becomes imperative to ensure a swift and efficient response. There are also certain industries where there is equipment that could cause fires, and these rely heavily on fire monitoring for preemptive hazard management. From chemical production facilities to manufacturing units, the proactive identification of potential fire risks is essential for the safety of personnel and the protection of valuable assets. Even in seemingly unrelated spaces like movie theaters, where large numbers of people gather, fire monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of patrons. The integration of advanced fire detection systems from SEi Security not only protects lives but also safeguards the infrastructure, allowing businesses to continue operations with confidence.

5. Access Control

Access control systems are vital in every security system, offering businesses a versatile and nuanced approach to safeguarding their premises. This technology, resembling a digital guardian, is particularly invaluable for institutions like schools, churches, and banks. It transforms entry points into fortified gateways, where access is tightly controlled, allowing only authorized individuals through secured doors. This not only enhances the overall security posture but also creates a sense of reassurance in places holding confidential records. Access cards and fobs, with an average cost significantly lower than rekeying, provide a cost-effective security solution for businesses. You can tailor access permissions based on factors such as the day of the week, time of day, or an individual’s position within the company. For instance, cleaning crews can access premises only during their designated cleaning hours, ensuring that security is maintained even during routine maintenance.

In sensitive environments like HR offices or data closets, access control ensures that only authorized personnel can enter, preventing unauthorized individuals from compromising confidential information. The system’s audit trail provides a comprehensive record of entries and exits, helping businesses monitor employee movements and promptly identifying any attempts to access restricted areas. Access control transforms security from a one-size-fits-all approach to a tailored, intelligent system, ensuring that individuals are where they should be and reinforcing the protective shield around your business.

6. Video

Video surveillance is an invaluable tool to monitor, analyze, and respond to various situations. In the break room, video monitoring not only ensures employee safety but also provides insights into daily activities, helping management address concerns such as lunch durations or potential theft of popular items like the coveted meatloaf. Parking lot surveillance enhances overall security, deterring potential criminal activity and providing a record of events for investigative purposes. In retail, video cameras play a crucial role in catching shoplifters and safeguarding against theft. Businesses can use footage to review cash transactions, monitor the depositing of funds into safes, or keep an eye on cash drawer activities, fostering accountability and preventing internal theft. Multiple camera views, including those equipped for night vision or temperature monitoring, offer a comprehensive security solution. Technological advancements enable video surveillance to go beyond traditional monitoring. License plate recognition systems can automatically open gates for authorized vehicles, while facial recognition can unlock doors for authenticated individuals.



Whatever your business needs, SEi Security can customize a security plan for you using the above elements. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your business secure.

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