7 Ways You Can Protect Your Business as Shoplifting Increases

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Business Security

Shoplifting has become a significant concern for businesses in recent years, leading to substantial financial losses and increased security risks. In fact, according to this article, it is a growing problem for even the most secure and largest retailers. While this may seem daunting as a business owner, there are ways to proactively address this issue, and we at SEi Security would love to work with you! Here are 7 measures you can take to protect your store from shoplifting incidents and ensure the safety of your assets, employees, and customers.


1. Conduct a Security Audit:

The best first step is to take time to assess your current security measures and identifying potential vulnerabilities. We can come and walk through your premises with you to provide a fresh perspective, looking for blind spots, poorly lit areas, or ineffective security equipment. Knowing where your weak points are will help us develop a targeted security strategy together.


2. Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance is a powerful deterrent against shoplifting. At SEi we have high-quality cameras available to be placed strategically throughout your store, focusing on entrances, exits, warehouse areas (if applicable), over cash registers, and in inventory areas.  You will want to ensure the cameras cover a wide field of view and provide clear footage for identification purposes. You will also want to display signs that indicate that your premises are under video surveillance, as this can deter potential shoplifters.


3. Panic Buttons:

At SEi Security we can provide your business with a discrete button to be pushed if one of your employees does not feel safe. These buttons can be either hard wired in or wireless. Panic buttons, or Hold Up Buttons as they can also be called, can be used alert authorities of a crime in progress without alerting anyone else to in the store to potential danger or alerting the perpetrator that the authorities have been alerted.


4. Enhanced Lighting:

Well-lit areas are less attractive to potential shoplifters. Adequate lighting both inside and outside your business premises can significantly reduce the occurrence of theft. Install bright, energy-efficient lighting fixtures strategically, paying particular attention to blind spots and areas with high-value merchandise. It is essential that the areas your security cameras cover are also well lit to capture clear video of any intruders.


5. Staff Training & Empowerment:

You employees are your first line of defense and when they are well trained, they will feel more confident to help prevent theft. You may want to consider investing in comprehensive training programs for your employees to educate them about recognizing and preventing shoplifting incidents. Train them on identifying suspicious behaviors, maintaining good customer service, and implementing proper security protocols and how to utilize the tools provided by SEi Security. Encourage open communication among employees to report any concerns promptly.


6. Access Control:

SEi can help you to determine the best ways to implement access control for your business. You can limit access to restricted areas, such as stockrooms or offices, to authorized personnel only. Some options to consider are keycards, biometric authentication, Smartkeys, and smartphone/Bluetooth technology. By implementing access control, this will help you to ensure that sensitive information and valuable inventory remain secure.


7. Safes:

It is important to secure important staff records, accounting documents, and other valuable documentation and property in a secure safe. At SEi, we have a wide variety of safes available so you can find the right size and type for your business.


As shoplifting incidents continue to rise, businesses must prioritize the implementation of a comprehensive security system. Remember, prevention is key, and investing in security measures today can save you substantial losses tomorrow.



Whatever your business needs, SEi Security can customize a security plan for you that identifies and deters activities that can harm your business and threaten your employees. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your business secure.

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