Essential Tips for Avoiding Pitfalls in Security Camera Placement

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Placement, Security Cameras, Video Surveillance

When placing security cameras in or around your home, several crucial factors come into play. Ensuring you capture the necessary footage while avoiding common pitfalls requires thoughtful planning. Let’s dive into some practical tips for camera placement:

Outside Placement:

1. Doorbell Cameras:

  • Doorbell cameras are popular for outdoor surveillance. However, consider their placement carefully. If positioned off to the side, you’ll capture a profile view when someone approaches. Rewiring or angling may be necessary for optimal placement.
  • Be mindful of the sun’s rise and set to avoid washed-out or darkened images.
  • Landscaping matters: Ensure that growing in-ground or potted plants won’t obscure the camera lens.
  • Flags on the porch can trigger false positives, so position these accordingly.
  • Modern cameras recognize people, vehicles, animals, and packages, enhancing accuracy.

2. Mounting Height and Lighting:

  • Sometimes it is ideal to mount cameras at eye level to capture faces, not just the tops of heads.
  • Consider lighting: Illumination is crucial for both subjects and camera performance. Lights attract insects at night, so balance illumination without blinding the camera.
  • When possible, an under-soffit mount can provide some weather protection.

3. Neighbor Considerations:

  • Avoid camera placement that appears like you’re spying on neighbors. Respect privacy.
  • Backyard Coverage:
    • Monitor gates, pool areas, trampolines, and swing sets.
    • Capture views of secondary entrances to the house.
    • Consider door swing direction to avoid obstruction.

Inside Placement:

1. Common Areas:

  • Indoor cameras are common in shared spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and hallways.
  • Avoid placing them near bedrooms or bathrooms for privacy reasons.

2. Specific Use Cases:

  • Basement play areas, view of gun cabinets, liquor cabinets, and home offices benefit from indoor surveillance.
  • Some use indoor cameras while traveling or to monitor pets and dog sitters.
  • Check on latchkey kids or specific situations as needed.
  • Garage camera – view if items in the garage or if the overhead door is open or closed.

3. Integration and Privacy:

  • Cameras can integrate with security control panels, capturing snapshots of those who arm/disarm the system.
  • If self-installing, consider who else might need to access the footage of the camera.
  • Ensure family members know the camera locations.

Remember, the goal is to enhance safety without invading privacy. SEi, can address all these factors and much more. Contact us today to learn more.

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