5 Ways To Avoid Door-to-Door Security Threats

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Blog, Home Security, Safety

The weather is warm and the foot traffic in your neighborhood is on the uptick. Unfortunately, not everyone taking a neighborhood walk lives in your neighborhood. This time of year is when the dreaded door-to-door sales people approach homeowners to sell their wares but you never know if a sales pitch is legitimate or a security risk.

At SEi Security, we have the tools you need to protect your home from a door-to-door sales pitch or a thief masquerading as a salesperson. Here are 5 ways to avoid the security threat that can come with a door-to-door sales situation:

1. Keep the Conversation Light

If you do find yourself in a conversation, you will want to make sure that you do not offer up any information that could be used to steal your identity. Your internet can easily be hacked using personal information you provide and can guide a smart hacker to guess or re-set your passwords. Let the sales person do the majority of the talking and be wary of answering any personal questions even if it feels like casual conversation.

2. Do Not Invite Them Inside

Under no circumstances should you allow a salesperson inside your home or even let them get a view inside your home. Whether or not this is a legitimate sales pitch, you will want to step outside your home and close the solid door behind you. In the event that the individual is casing your home, you do not want to provide a guide to the inside layout of your home or give them a glimpse as to where any valuables are kept.

3. Look for Company Logos

Unfortunately, posing as an innocent salesperson can be a rouse for casing houses, stealing identities, or simply scamming you out of money. Often times legitimate door-to-door salespeople are adorned with official company logos on their clothing. Don’t answer the door or engage in conversation if they do not look official, and if you are not comfortable.

4. Emergency Alert

You never know when a simple door-to-door interaction could turn dangerous. If you have installed an SEi Security home system, there is a panic feature that can be activated if you feel you are in danger. Unfortunately, you never know when someone will take advantage of a moment when the door to your home has been opened to them and you need that emergency security option.

5. Security Systems and Cameras

If you have installed a doorbell camera, you can see who is at your front door – a friend, family member – or – sales person. You can use this feature to screen who you open the door for or prepare yourself if you do want to interact with the stranger behind the door. You can purchase a video surveillance doorbell from SEi Security to set up this extra line of defense.



Do all that you can to keep your home and family safe and secure this summer by knowing all the options SEi Security provides. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your home secure.

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