5 Ways to Keep Summer Fun by Keeping Summer Safe

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Home Automation, Home Security

It’s summer! School is out and it is time for kids to have fun and make memories. From pool time, vacations, playing with friends & neighbors, and just being able to have some fun and use their imaginations. I don’t know about you – but some of my fondest childhood memories were formed during those short summer months each year.

It seems these days that the need to keep our children safe can come into conflict with the desire to provide them with magical childhood summers. Below are 5 ways you can keep your family secure this summer and how you can incorporate tools from SEi Security.

1. Develop A Plan:

If you are choosing to allow your child(ren) to stay home alone for longer period of time this summer, you will want to develop an emergency plan for any situation that may arise. You will want to consider all scenarios from a house fire, a home intruder, or an accident. Once you have developed the plan, write it down and go over it with your child(ren).  At SEi, we have an keypad that you can program with quick buttons to contact emergency services such as the fire station, police, or an ambulance. You will also want to include a list of emergency contacts to contact if you are not available.

2. Keyless Entry

If you have hired a summertime sitter to stay with your kids, instead of having to create an additional security system code – you can have SEi install a key fob. In addition to providing keyless entry into your home, this key fob can include a panic button in case to be use when your child(ren) are near your home – playing outside with the neighbors.

3. Schedule Regular Check-Ins

When you are not able to have eyes on your child(ren) and what they are doing all day, it is a good idea to schedule regular check-ins throughout the day. You can check-in via telephone OR you could use an SEi video system in your home to check on them through the SEi app.

4. Develop a Code Phrase

A code phrase can be used to communicate important information quickly and discreetly in case of an emergency. With a code phrase, you can establish a secret word or phrase that only you and your child(ren) know. This can help to verify the identity of a person claiming to be sent by you or any other trusted person. If someone arrives at the door or calls claiming to know you, your child can ask for the code phrase as a way to confirm their legitimacy. When implementing a code phrase, remember to choose something unique and easy to remember. It should be something that doesn’t draw attention or seem out of place in normal conversation. Regularly remind your child(ren) of the code phrase and its purpose, and encourage them to use it whenever they feel uncertain or unsafe.

5. Doorbell Camera

With an SEi doorbell camera you can remotely monitor your front door from anywhere on a mobile app. This enables you to keep an eye on your kids and the surroundings of your home, providing an additional layer of supervision and peace of mind.


Do all that you can to keep your children safe during the summer by knowing all the options SEi Security provides. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your home secure.

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