5 Ways SEi Can Secure Your School

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Safety

Children should have the right to feel safe and protected when they are at school, and feel that school is a safe space. Unfortunately it’s not always the most obvious threats to security that school administrators should be worried about. They need to take into account the unwanted visitors, custody disputes, rebellious children, and student arguments, just to name a few challenging situations.

Here are the top 5 ways that SEi Security can help you achieve a more secure learning environment for your children.

1. OUTdoor Video Monitoring

SEi Security can install video monitoring on the exterior of your school to monitor who is coming and going from the building. This is also beneficial for capturing any student arguments or fights that may occur on the playground, parking lots, or other outdoor gathering areas. By installing security cameras on the exterior of your school, you have a better idea of any unusual activity and can be on alert.

2. Indoor Video Monitoring

When it comes to activity happening in your school building, it can be hard to keep an eye on everything happening at all times. One way to make your job a little easier is by installing indoor security cameras. This camera’s allow you to monitor activity happening in the hallways and classrooms. They also help protect the students and school staff in the event of any arguments or conflict. You can also keep an eye on any students skipping class, in school thefts, or if an intruder somehow got past your other security protocols.

3. Access/Key Fobs

Keep secondary doors locked to the outside at all times by providing approved staff with key fobs or access cards to unlock doors. Our access control system provides you the opportunity to monitor who is coming and going from the building at all times. You have the ability to only allow access to authorized areas, such as the teacher’s parking lot, lounge areas, kitchen, etc. or even take away access. Through our system you can activate or deactivate cards, assign access levels, and manage users. You can also lock or unlock certain doors from anywhere using our mobile app.

4. Panic Buttons

SEi Security can install panic buttons in the front office of the school as well as throughout the school in different classrooms. These buttons allow staff to simultaneously activate multiple devices silently and discretely. When these buttons are activated, the authorities are notified without alerting the intruder on the premises.

5. Lockdown Protocols and Tools

By utilizing access control and panic buttons, you can develop an effective lockdown protocol in the event of an outside threat to your school. You can keep non-first responders from entering the building in the event of an active shooter situation, and utilizing the outside video monitors to know when first responders have arrived to allow them inside the building. You can also install gunshot detection listening devices throughout your school building that can be tied in with the panic button and lockdown protocols for all your access points.



SEi Security can customize a security plan for your school that identifies and deters activities that can harm students and threaten your staff. Secure your school by knowing all the options SEi Security provides. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your school secure.

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