How to Provide a Safety Net for Aging Relatives

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Blog, Home Automation, Home Security, Life Safety, Medical Alert, Safety

There are some subjects you should avoid when getting together with family. But, there is one that might be a good idea to broach this year: the safety of your aging relative, parent or loved one.

While it may be hard to bring up, it is important. As much as it may be hard to admit, there comes a time when the responsibilities for caring for family members shifts to the child needing to look out for the parent. But before you have the conversation, it is good to know your options. There are ways that you can provide safety nets while also ensuring that your parent continues to feel independent. SEi Security has many tools you can utilize that will give you peace of mind and your parent won’t feel restricted.

Medical Alert Systems

We have two different types of medical alert systems that fit whatever your parent’s lifestyle is – whether home bound or on the go.

We have in-home medical alert systems that are perfect for people who spend most of their time at home. They will have access to emergency response services at the touch of a button. We have both landline or no landline options available. These come with an easy to use pendant, clear 2-way communication, 300 foot coverage range, fall detection, and a 5 year battery life.

We also have a GPS mobile medical alert system that is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle but still need monitoring protection. They will have direct access to help anytime, anywhere. This comes as a small lightweight mobile device, with clear 2-way communication, GPS and location pinpointing, fall detection, is water resistant and has an extended 36-hour battery.

In Home Safety Detectors

Beyond the fire and carbon monoxide detectors of the past, our monitored life safety systems provide greater safety for your family and home with earlier detection, automatic notifications and quicker response time.

With traditional sensors, sometimes those who are hard of hearing cannot hear the alarm and may not know to evacuate the home or call first responders. Our monitored safety systems mean that authorities are quickly alerted to an emergency, and can be on the scene within minutes.

SEi’s Customer Care Center operates for 24 hours a day, year-round to detect the earliest signs of a danger in your loved one’s home. If a sensor is triggered, a signal will alert our Monitoring Center, where you and first responders will be notified.

Lock Control

You can manage and monitor door locks remotely from the convenience of your mobile device by simply downloading the app and using it to lock or unlock your love one’s doors from your phone.

We also offer Smart locks which have the option to set-up unique access codes for family members, house guests and service professionals so you can manage and track who enters the home and from which entrance – at any given time.

These tools provide peace of mind for knowing if your parent is up and about even if they aren’t responding to calls, so you can know they are ok without having to make an unnecessary trip to their home.

Automation and Sensors

Without being too invasive in your parent’s life you can discuss with them the installation of sensors. This can be set up so that you are notified when movements are made throughout the house with our sensors, to ensure the safety of your loved one from the convenience of an intuitive app on your phone.


Let us help you care for your aging loved one.

Be fully prepared for that difficult conversation this holiday season by knowing all the options SEi provides for the safety of your loved one. Contact SEI Security today to discuss how we can ensure you have all the tools you need.

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