4 Ways Banks Can Update Security Protocols

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Business Security

Cyber threats are not the only thing banks and financial institutions should be on the lookout for. What remains are security concerns for brick and mortar bank establishments. It’s imperative that as society changes – especially with everything that has happened the last three years – for banks to regularly review their physical locations’ security measures and make the appropriate updates to maintain the security of safety for their employees and customers.

Let’s take a look at the 4 things that banks can update to ensure they have the most up to date security protocols.

1. Install a Bill Trap Detector

Bill trap detectors are silent alarms that go off when money is taken from a particular location that is not utilized. Often banks have a specific location for cash that is used in a robbery that will set off the silent alarm automatically when the money is taken. This device is discrete and will not call unwanted attention to the teller who sets off this alarm simply by following instructions from those who have chosen to rob your bank, which keeps employees and customers more safe.

2. Install Teller Security Cameras

With the advance in technology and the various sizes of cameras, you can install video surveillance of all areas of the building, including teller area, vaults, ATMs, as well as all other high traffic areas in the bank. With cameras located all over, you can easily monitor interactions between customers and employees. Teller cameras can even be used for training purposes as well as assessing security threats. All cameras should have a quality video feed in the event you need a screen capture of a face for evidence. You should also be sure that someone is reviewing the footage on a regular basis to know that all the cameras are working and none of the views are obstructed. We offer video monitoring services and more at SEi Security.

3. Install ATM Monitoring

SEi Security can offer a variety of options for monitoring your ATMs. This includes the installation of a security camera inside the ATM to capture anyone who uses the machine, the installation of GPS tracking inside the ATM, and security cameras focused on the surrounding areas.

4. Combat Medical Masks Concealing Faces

With the COVID pandemic came the rise of PPE. Wearing a face mask, while previously unacceptable, is now commonplace. While many wear masks for health reasons, some could take advantage of this by using facemasks to obscure their face to attempt a robbery. One way you can combat this is by having a double entry door. This allows you to keep the outside door unlocked, and only allowing entry through the secondary locked doors after the visitors have shown their face through a security camera. This helps to ensure that the face of anyone entering the bank is captured on your video surveillance system.


Whatever your business needs, SEi Security can customize a security plan for your bank that identifies and deters activities that can harm your business and threaten your employees. Secure your bank by knowing all the options SEi Security provides. Contact SEi Security today to learn more about what tools we can provide to keep your business secure.

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