Spring Cleaning: Home Safety Tips

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We’ve finally made it through the harsh Midwestern winter, and it looks like decent weather is here to stay. While you’re preparing for spring, keep these home security tips in mind.

Security Maintenance

You might be thinking about replacing the batteries in your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. Now would be a good time to invest in Central Station Monitoring from SEi. With your smoke detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, and intrusion alarm all in one place, it’s easy to keep your home safety on track.

Close Your Garage

Spring is a great time to get rid of the clutter you’ve collected in your garage over the winter months. It’s also a prime time for burglars to sneak a peek at what goodies you’re keeping in there. If you stop and think about the types of items that are typically stored in a garage, they are definitely worth some value: automotive supplies, tools, electrical saws, mowers, grills, the list goes on and on. A burglar can make a pretty large chunk of change just from expensive, easy-to-carry tools. So make sure that when you’re not tending to the garage cleaning, the door is kept shut.

Lock Your Doors

Spring is a time for yard work and gardening. Many people do not think to lock their doors or close their windows when they’re outside in the yard. After all, it’s a beautiful day, why not keep some windows open and get a fresh breeze in the house? Burglars do notice these things, and while you’re outside planting vegetables or enjoying the beautiful weather, a burglar could be scheming to enjoy your new flat screen TV. Keep home entry and exit points locked when you’re outside and not within eyeshot.

Follow these simple precautionary steps and call SEi at 800-279-3667 to learn more about keeping your home safe in all seasons. Happy Spring!

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