Are you still walking to your front door and fumbling to find your keys? Or, do you feel like you’re always rushing to set everything down and disarm your security system in time? Wishing you could just ditch the keys or entering the numbers on the keypad altogether?

Wishing for a smart home that is secure and safe is a thing of the past! Stop wishing and make the change to home security controlled by you, wherever you are. With Security Equipment Inc., the possibilities are endless.smart home security

Upgrade your Security

Residential security systems have had a major upgrade in the last few years, from low-cost wireless cameras to smart home technology. One of the most useful and beneficial upgrades is moving home security mobile.

SEi offers smartphone home security through a mobile app called InTouch. It provides you the ability to monitor and control your home with a push of a button. You can get text and email alerts for things such as opening doors, disarming an alarm, and motion detected by your smart doorbell.

Our InTouch solution also provides users the ability to lock and unlock doors from your phone, even when away from home. Imagine you’re on vacation and the neighbor kid left their bag in your house. You can unlock the door once they arrive, watch them come inside via the video doorbell, and lock it once they leave, all while sipping a drink on the beach!

Manage your Energy Use

Part of having a smart house set-up is being efficient, both for the planet and for your wallet! Get home automation with your home security system. This includes smart lights that you can turn off from anywhere with your mobile device and temperature control, so you’re not blasting the A/C or heat while no one is home. Both lights and temperature have the ability to be scheduled, so your air and lights turn on at a certain time.

In addition, though not entirely about energy, you can also control your garage door through our smartphone home security app, simplifying just one more thing on the list!

Why do Your Security Through a Company?

We understand you can buy a lot of smart home technology nowadays on sites like Amazon. Thinking about DIY-ing your security? Don’t. Believe us when we say, it’s not the same. The biggest reasons to choose SEi to do your security are for professional installation and a 24/7 monitored security system.

Contact Security Equipment today for a free consultation. Although our home base is in Omaha, we serve Lincoln, Des Moines, Iowa City, and Kansas City. Get your home efficient and secure with our smart home features now!

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