So you have decided to add a residential security system for added safety to your home, correct? Or, maybe you are considering installing a business alarm system for your company. But, in come all the opinions on what kind of security cameras you should have and from where. Should you DIY or call the professionals? Let’s weigh in on the differences when looking at a surveillance camera.

Do I DIY my Security Camera?

When considering your budget, foregoing business security or home security may seem like the right idea. However, when it comes to safety, it is important to realize that corners should not be cut. You should want the highest quality of home or business security cameras. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Alarm systems can be complex. If you aren’t normally a DIY-er, this should not be your first venture. Buying cameras online and trying to install them yourself could bring on a number of technical issues. Can you imagine actually suffering a break-in and not catching the criminal on tape even with home security cameras simply because they were not set up properly?

Another factor is quality. Are you buying a night vision camera? Is the video quality enough to even see the face of someone in the video? If you don’t mind trading in picture quality and overall product quality, you could potentially save some money. However, these up-front savings may be eaten up by issues down the road.

Time is also a big consideration. Do you have the time to install wireless outdoor security cameras? How long will it take you to learn? These are things the professionals have already trained on and practice daily. They can be in and out quicker than you any day of the week.

Professional Security Cameras

In today’s world, you can search for security cameras on amazon and get them delivered to your door. You’ll find everything from a wifi camera to a smart doorbell. But you’d be taking the easy way out. Why risk your safety with a cheap camera you found online?

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider professional security cameras:

  • Using a local Monitor Company- Security cameras do add to your piece of mind, but having a company that monitors those cameras 24/7 can be so much more beneficial. They can dispatch police and fire or let you know if one of your cameras stops working.
  • Highest Quality- professional companies like Security Equipment Inc. only operate with the highest quality of security cameras, and are continuously updating their stock with the newest technology.
  • Professional Installation- Like we mentioned above, professionals have been trained to do the installation. We’ve touch on the topic before why you should hire professionals for installation.
  • Increased Home Value- Professionally installed security cameras can increase the resale value of your home. Potential buyers see an existing surveillance system as a unique security feature that makes it easier to keep a home or business secure.

You Make the Call

In the end, it’s your call. But, we hope you at least consider calling us at Security Equipment Inc. to talk more about the difference in professional cameras vs. the ones you buy online. There are, of course, pros and cons to each. However, it all comes down to your safety and security.

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