business securityBusiness owners are known for being hard workers, from the late hours to the constant planning. You do a lot to keep your business successful. SEi knows all about that since beginning as a small fire and life safety company over 50 years ago.

As we have grown over the years, we also know it’s still important to carve out time away from your business to spend time with family and friends. The holidays give us that special push to make time outside of work a priority.

Unfortunately, taking time off from work doesn’t mean that your business stops operating. So where do we draw the line?

SEi wants to make it easier for those that work so hard, which is why our business security systems are programmed with you in mind. With controls to your security systems at the tip of your fingers, you can be there for your business and employees even if you aren’t physically there. You have the ability to set up automations that keep your business safe, and have the means to turn off notifications when you’re sitting down for dinner.

Setting Holiday Hours

Having Christmas in the middle of the week this year can confuse people about when businesses are open. Our access control makes it easy to adjust when your doors are open and when they are not, all of which can be easily programmed and scheduled on a mobile device.

This also gives you the assurance that your employees are always safe and have proper access. Meaning, if someone has to stay late, you can have comfort that the doors are locked and the surveillance cameras will capture any activity inside or out. Or, if no one is supposed to be accessing a building or a room while you’re gone, you can remove their access during that time, bringing you peace of mind.

SEi also provides you with reports that can show who came and went and when, so you can also make sure that business opened on time or give an employee a call if they failed to show.

Stay Secure, Automatically

If you’re leaving town and closing up shop, you also want the peace of mind your business won’t be targeted by burglars or theft. It’s a difficult balance because, while you want your customers to know when you are closed, you don’t want burglars to know you won’t be around for a few days.

That’s why automation can be so beneficial to businesses. It can be as simple as scheduling your lights to turn on when it gets dark or setting them up to be motion detectable. Leaving a slight indication that you may be present could mean the difference of a burglar targeting your storefront or not.

SEi gives you wireless access to lighting controls that are reliable, automated, simple and secure, even when off the premises.

Keep an Eye on Everything

Keeping an eye on your business 24/7/365 is impossible, but video surveillance is there to fill in the gaps. Having wireless security cameras is one way to really safeguard your investment. You can watch live video from anywhere, or receive event-triggered slips straight to your phone. Previous events are also recorded and can be stored in the cloud for you to view at any time.

Plus, all of our security systems are always monitored, so even if you are away, there is still someone keeping an eye out for your business. You can find peace of mind knowing that if something does happen at your business when you’re gone, we are always one alert away from contacting the police, the fire department or an ambulance.

So what are you waiting for?

Take that vacation you’ve always wanted or even just a few days off. Spend the holidays with family, and know that SEi always has your back when it comes to protecting your investment, building, and employees.

We can design a business security system to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to find out more.

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