restaurant security, business security solutionsRestaurant security can be especially challenging. Restaurants often have high employee turnover, high customer traffic, tight profit margins, and perishable inventory. What restaurants need is a system customized to your operation, one that is easily managed, without breaking the bank.

Don’t shop around at different businesses to get what you need, Security Equipment Inc. offers everything in one place. Our business security solutions cover every security need a restaurant could want, and more. In addition, we’ve worked with all types of restaurants. From one location restaurants to national chains, we have the experience you’re looking for. How can we help your restaurant?

Restaurant Safety and Monitoring

We offer business monitoring including fire monitoring, water detection, temperature monitoring, monitoring for combustible gas and Carbon Monoxide monitoring. Need tailored fire alarm monitoring for your property that must need insurance requirements and local codes? SEi can do that. Want to protect your property and valuables from potential water damage? Check. Need to keep you and your employees safe from harmful gasses? We have you covered. Oh, remember that perishable inventory? We have commercial temperature sensors that can detect temperature fluctuations that could harm equipment, inventory, laboratories, industrial freezers and other areas of sensitivity in your building.

Restaurant Security

People are coming in and out of your restaurant all day—people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this can present a security risk to you and your business. Simple wireless security cameras cannot only catch a criminal in the act, but may also prevent them from targeting your company with the presence of outdoor security cameras.

Outside criminals aren’t the only worry. Occasionally we hire people who don’t always have the businesses interests in mind. An indoor security camera system can catch video of potential employees committing theft, fraud, or vandalism.

Restaurant owners we’ve worked with are very concerned about ‘inventory going out the back door’. This hot spot is a great place for wireless security cameras. With security cameras, you can keep an eye on your merchandise, as well as any other suspicious activity happening in and out of your restaurant especially at the back door.

Having indoor security cameras can also improve employee productivity and help resolve disputes in case of an accident or legal situation. Claims can cause a business a lot of money. For example, if a customer got pulled over for a DUI, they could try and hold you liable for overserving. However, if you have video proof you only served them one drink, you have viable proof to defend yourself and your restaurant.

The best part about our video surveillance is how easy it is for you to manage. With a remote security system, you can view live video from any web-enabled device at any time. You can also receive motion triggered alerts via email or text. That way you never have to miss a moment.

Restaurant Access Control

Manage who is coming and going at your business. Still using an old key and lock? Keys can easily be copied without your knowledge, making your business vulnerable. SEi’s access control system makes authorized access easy. We give you total control to track every user and every access point. You can give access during certain times, days, or locations. Not to mention our access control systems are effective, convenient and discrete.

SEi also offers open and close reporting so business owners know that the staff showed up to open the building on time. Whether your restaurant is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if you’re not open when you say you are, you are losing customers. Open/Close reporting also helps owners and management know if anyone is coming in after hours and can alert to employee theft in restaurant after-hours.

Business access control is great for inventory rooms, management offices, and other secure areas. Perhaps not everyone should have access to a room due to lots of cash, inventory, or special equipment. Keep track of who has access to what rooms and when, and be able to look back on the history any time.

Business Automation for your Restaurant

Remember those tight profit margins? We understand money can be tight. Why not save with business automation, including controlled lights, temperature control, and controlled locks.

Light control can save your restaurant money by only using lights when you need them. You can also set lights up on motion sensors so they automatically turn on when someone is present. If your restaurant is trying to reduce energy consumption, our light automation can do the trick.

We mentioned previously that we offer temperature monitors to control sensitive areas such as freezers and fridges. We also offer Z-Wave thermostats that allow you to control the thermostat of your building remotely. Control your heating and air from your smartphone! Just another way SEi can help you cut down the costs of your restaurant.

Last is lock control. You’ve read about how having to not keep track of keys is safer for your business. Electronic locks make access to your business simple and secure. As part of our business automation, you can lock the doors to your restaurant from your smartphone! You never have to worry if the building didn’t get locked, if an employee lost a key, and you can track who locked and unlocked your doors at what time.

Your All Encompassed Restaurant Security

As always, it’s our job to make sure your business runs smoothly and is always secure. If you are a restaurant owner and are looking to protect your investment, you’ve come to the right place. With our local monitoring center, we are always keeping an eye on your business.

Whether you operate a single location or a chain, we can help protect the people and property at each of your locations. Contact us today for more information.

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