Monitored Medical Alerts Give Seniors Independence

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Blog, Life Safety, Medical Alert, Monitoring Services

This week, we celebrate National Assisted Living Week, recognizing the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. NALW was established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living to help educate members of the public about this distinctive aspect of long-term care.

For those unfamiliar, assisted living communities provide those who typically need help with everyday activities and some health care services but do not require skilled nursing care 24/7. These are communities that provide independence, companionship, privacy, and security.

However, not all senior living facilities provide medical attention. Even those that do have medical teams on site don’t have the ability to be in every room at all times. Which is why we team up with facilities like assisted living communities to keep residents safe!

SEi has been committed to keeping seniors safe and secure with our medical alerts. When it comes to emergencies, every moment counts. This is why having a medical alert can be so vital. Did you know that seniors who have a medical alert generally live longer and healthier lives? It’s amazing the difference that getting help quickly makes during an emergency. When you receive medical attention sooner, you recover faster, and can return home quicker!

How Does SEi’s Medical Alert Work?

If you have an emergency, you press your medical alert button.

When living independently, whether at home or in a senior living community, pressing your button connects you with our monitoring station, where a live, highly trained operator will get you the help you need and call your emergency contacts.

If you live in an assisted living facility with on-site medical teams, the button activation notification would go to the medical staff so that they can provide you with prompt medical attention.

Our medical alert pendants are also equipped with fall detection, and if you are unable to speak, our operators have non-verbal protocols to always ensure immediate assistance.

Personal Safety Solutions

As we use this week to recognize those who work, live, and visit assisted living facilities, be sure to remember that a medical alert system can benefit them all. Gain the reassurance, independence, and peace of mind with a medical alert for you or your loved one today!

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