Choosing the Right Medical Alert System

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Armed with a medical alert, older adults or those with a medical condition can live in their homes safely and independently for longer.

Isn’t it nice to stay home occasionally? In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy declares: “There’s no place like home” – referring to the place she feels safe and secure.

In reality, the home can be a dangerous zone for older adults. That’s because people over the age of 65 run the greatest risk of death or injury due to falls. It can also be dangerous for those with a medical condition that require constant attention. But, armed with the right facts, older adults and those with medical conditions can live in their homes safely and independently. One device that can enhance home safety is a Medical Alert System.

Here are some tips to remember when shopping for a Medical Alert:

How it works: A medical alert system is designed to make it easy for users to call for help at the push of a button worn on a wristband or around their neck. The system includes a small help button and a communicator device in the home. The communicator device is tied into the telephone line and when the help button is pushed, a notification is sent to monitoring personnel 24/7. SEi’s Call Center is UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified, which means we have a commitment to quality standards.

When the button is pressed, the Customer Care Ambassador reaches out to the individual through the Medical Alert Device (base station or button) to see is everything is okay. If there is no response, the Ambassador will then reach out those listed on the personal call list to see if they can check in on the individual. If all the personal contacts are unavailable, 911 is notified. SEi also gives you the flexibility to choose whether or not you want to reach out to a personal contact or to always dial 911.

Here’s a list of questions you should ask when shopping for a medical alert system:

Does the company have a local presence? Is there someone local you can reach out to?  Will you be able to get an in-home consultation to determine the best option for your family?  Will the system come in the mail or will you have an in-home installation by the Medical Alert Professional?  SEi prides ourselves on personal touch.  We will come out to your home and meet with you and your family to determine the best Medical Alert System to meet your needs.  Then, we will return to professionally install and set up the device to ensure it works properly.  SEi are always just a phone call away for support or service of your Medical Alert System.

What’s the cost? Vendors may charge anywhere from $25 to $55 per month for the basic service. There may also be a one-time installation charge attached to the set up. Additional charges may be made for extra features like cellular communicator units, reminder services, medication dispenser, voice extenders, inactivity alarms, smoke detectors, and third party notification services.

A medical alert system is normally a stand-alone service, but sometimes it may be part of a home alarm service. SEi monitors home security, business security, and medical alerts, making it easy and affordable to include together. You may want to consider installing a home alarm for added safety for someone living alone with a medical alert.

Is there a long term lease? Often, the need for a medical alert service is a temporary solution until a more permanent living arrangement can be made.It is ideal to be able to cancel the service when it is not needed. Certain medical alert services may require a two or three year lease. This could result in a family member being forced to pay for this service after it is no longer needed.

However, some companies will offer monthly contracts. SEi only asks for a 30-day agreement to give you a flexible and reliable medical alert option.

Is there a GPS Option Available? For those who live an active lifestyle but still need monitoring 24/7, check to see if the medical alert has GPS capabilities. SEi provides a GPS Mobile Medical Alert to allow you to go anywhere, yet still provide you with safety at the touch of a button.  If you experience an emergency while away from home you can push the button and an operator can check your location and provide help through the speaker within the button.

What are the Advantages? There are several advantages to subscribe to a medical alert, including the security of having help available 24 hours a day with the push of a button. For families, knowing your loved one will get help even when you cannot be there brings peace of mind. SEi’s Medical Alert System can give you or a family member the freedom to be independent today.

SEi Medical Alert is available in all our markets and surrounding areas; Des Moines, Lincoln, Kansas City and Omaha.  Contact us today for a free consultation 888-909-9517 or fill out our online contact form.

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