Winterizing with a Home Automation System

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Blog, Home Automation

The air is colder, the ground is frozen, the snow falls deeper and there is no holiday season to make us forget about all cold weather. For many, it is time to retreat from the frigid Midwest and spend an extended vacation in warmer weather. But, what happens to your home while you are away? SEi Security has many tools to help you keep an eye on your home so that you can relax and enjoy the warmer weather.

Below we address some of the biggest concerns for your home during the cold winter months and the solutions we provide.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes can freeze if the temperature drops below freezing and the pipes are exposed to that temperature for a prolonged period of time. When water freezes, and expands in a closed pipe, the ice displaces the water, which increases its pressure exponentially.

You can prevent frozen pipes by taking some precautions:

      • Keep your home above 55 degrees
      • Keep water dripping through the pipes by having the farthest faucet from your main valve keep a steady drip
      • Insulate pipes in unheated areas
      • Open cupboard doors to expose pipes to warmer air

You can also install one of our flood sensors throughout your home to alert you to when extra precautions need to be taken. These sensors can even link to a device that shuts off the water main. Our flood sensors can be wired or wireless with ensures installation comes without a significant amount of installation difficulty.

With our automated home system, you can make sure everything at home is just right—and get notified if it isn’t. You can view the status of your system, arm and disarm sensors from a single, intuitive app.

Whole Home Heating

To keep your home heated enough to prevent frozen pipes, we have all the tools you need to monitor the temperature in your home and adjust the thermostat from afar. 

Install one of our smart thermostats in your home and you will have the ability to monitor and change temperature settings while away with direct access to sensors that can be controlled remotely by adjusting the temperature directly from your smartphone app.

You can set-up notifications for when the temperature gets to low or if there are any power outages that might affect the functionality of your heating system. Catching temperature drops early can help prevent a more catastrophic issue

Heating Unit Maintenance

Your smart thermostat has let you know that someone will need to physical come to your home to perform repairs and maintenance, what now? You are thousands of miles away and they need a way into your home. The good news is, if you have set-up your home with our automated home system, there are a few tools in your belt to allow someone into your home in a safe and secure way.

      1. Our smart garage automation will allow you to let a service person into your home.
      2. Our security cameras both inside and out of your home will allow you to monitor the scheduled HVAC Technician who enters your home, providing peace of mind when you cannot be there.

When you are making a checklist before you head to warmer climates this winter, make sure you add installing an automated home system with SEI to the list. 

Contact Us for Peace of Mind this Winter

Be fully prepared for your trip away by knowing all the options SEi provides for the safety of your home. Contact SEI Security today to discuss how we can ensure you have all the tools you need.

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