Top 6 Home Security Myths

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There are plenty of reasons why people hesitate to purchase a home security system. We’ve gathered the top 6 home security myths to help eradicate a few of these common misconceptions.

I have to pay for features I don’t want

With SEi, every home security package is customizable. Whether you’d like a basic alarm system to alert the authorities of a break-in, or you’d like to have a live, streaming view of your home available on your smartphone, each feature SEi offers is your choice to purchase.

Safe NeighborhoodI live in a quiet neighborhood

Thieves don’t always live in your area; they can come from anywhere in your city, or even from a completely different city altogether. A simple car ride to a quiet neighborhood can spell out a big payday for those in the business of robbing homes.

It won’t happen to me

It’s a saying we use all too often. That is, until it does happen to us. Using caution by having a home security system installed can do well in deterring would-be thieves.

No one knows what’s in my home

You keep your blinds closed. You don’t brag about that new set of speakers or massive television you just bought. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other clues for robbers to pick up on. For example, if you’ve recently bought any expensive electronics, be aware that placing these boxes in your trashcan can be a red flag for potential burglars.

Hiding SpotMy spare key is hidden where no one can find it

A robber in search of a spare key likely knows all the tricks in the book. They see it as their job to be smarter than you, so get ahead of them by having a home security system installed. You can even lock and unlock your home right from your smartphone. Now that’s a spare they’ll never be able to find!

I lock my doors and windows, I’ll be fineBurglary

Keeping your home’s access points secured is a great first step to preventing robberies. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the be all, end all. Having a security system adds an extra layer of protection that simply “locking up” can’t provide.

Being smart about home security will help keep your belongings—and your loved ones—safe. And adding a home security system provides a sense of security that myths will never be able to touch. Call SEi today at 800-334-3272 to learn more about the many options available to keep your home safe.

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