Smart Locks: Simple, Safe Home Automation

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Blog, Home Automation

Automation turns your regular home into a smart home. With endless features and benefits to your security as well as your convenience – the possibilities are infinite! One of the most convenient features of home automation is smart locks, which allow you to monitor and control home access remotely, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

If you are considering integrating smart locks with your SEi security system or are just interested in learning more about the benefits, we’ve compiled 8 reasons why you should ditch the house keys and switch to smart locks.

8 Benefits of Smart Lock Automation

  1. You no longer need a key. Smart locks offer unique access codes for family members, friends, and other guests. Eliminating traditional keys helps prevent unsuspected copies from being made as well as the potential to lose keys—which is especially great for those who have kids.
  2. Receive notifications on who comes and goes. With our InTouch app, you can manage and track who enters your home and from which entrance, as well as when they leave.
  3. Improve your home’s security. Integrating smart locks into your security system can enhance your home security and heighten connectivity among all of your devices for even more security and functionality, such as setting triggers for certain times or entries that can signal an alarm.
  4. Manage access to those outside the home. For example, smart locks can be beneficial during a home renovation when you have multiple people coming and going. You can give them a unique access code that expires after the project is complete, as well as track that they are arriving on time. This is also applicable to dog sitters, nannies, repairmen, etc.
  5. Allow access when your away. With a connected home, you have the capability to let people in if you’re not there. This can provide additional safety in the case of an emergency when you’re at work or out of town, as well as convenience for things like special deliveries or surprise guests.
  6. Integrate smart locks with your garage door. Many homeowners come and go through their garage and leaving the garage door open is a common occurrence. With our Z-Wave technology, you can set up your garage door, so it closes by a certain time or after a period of time—but don’t worry, there are still safety measures in place, so it won’t close if something is in the way.
  7. Protect children and dogs with smart gate locks. Occasionally, gates get left open, whether it’s the lawn company, utility company, or even the kids themselves. Smart gate locks provide comfort in knowing your gates are locked when the kids or dogs go outside to play, which is even more beneficial to those with fenced-in backyard pools.
  8. Be more welcomed at home. Setting scenes is a great way to simplify your home life and smart locks are just one piece of the automation puzzle. Have your doors auto-lock each night at a specified time so you know your family is always safe before bed. You can also set locks to auto relock, so that if you unlock a door, it will automatically relock after a period of time, guaranteeing your security at all times and making life just that much easier.

Reap the rewards of smart home locks. Home automation systems bring safety and convenient control of your home together to create a connected world right at your fingertips. For a complete smart home automated solution tailored to you, call us today at 800-279-3667 for a free security quote.

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