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Security Equipment Inc. (SEi) expands home security to include video doorbell

Omaha, Nebraska (December 21, 2019) –  Security Equipment Inc. (SEi) a full-service security firm founded in 1969 in Omaha, Nebraska, announces the addition of an integrated video doorbell to their already expansive list of services.  Video Doorbell integrated into your home alarm system is now available from SEi.  The video doorbell can activate the chime on your keypad, it can trigger live video inside your SEi InTouch mobile app, and you can even unlock the door.  This new tool allows users the ability to view who or what is at their front door during this busy package season all through a single app used for security, video and now doorbell.

SEi VP of Sales, Jason Cloudt, stated that “SEi has long served our customers with innovative protection, the video doorbell as part of our security offering makes perfect sense as another level of protection.  With our exceptional customer service and longevity, we feel that using SEi’s video doorbell is an easy decision for families.  In addition to providing and installing the doorbell, we are available 24/7/365 in the event of an emergency, providing peace of mind.”

As the Holiday season upon us, many Americans are choosing to have packages delivered to our homes or businesses. In many cases, signatures are not required and the delivery person simply leaves the packages in plain site on our front doors step, creating an easy opportunity for “Porch Pirates”.  With SEi you have the opportunity to catch them in the act and deter this criminal activity.

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