Security Yard Sign

For the third year, we recently had the opportunity to host a group of children from the Nothing But Net Summer Camp.

The day started with a tour of our corporate headquarters.  The kids had to opportunity to learn more about SEi, what we do, how we protect families, houses and places like their schools.  They learned about all the different departments and how they all work together to make our company work and continue to grow.  One of their favorite stops was a visit to President Mike Meridith’s office.  Mike told the kids about his day, talked about the importance of studying hard in school and answered any questions they had.  Their biggest question was if he was elected to become President.



Yard signs and stickers are an excellent deterrent for break-ins for homes and businesses.  The kids had an opportunity to design and create their own yard sign.  They had a great time with the DIY craft project and we enjoying seeing their creativity come out in this activity.








We wrapped up the morning with a pizza lunch and Jason let them watch cartoons!  Pizza and cartoons, apparently that’s what it takes to quiet the group!  We had a great time and we look forward to hosting another group from Nothing But Net next summer!


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