business security systemsThinking about getting started in the marijuana industry? There are a lot of steps and regulations that need to be followed, but investing in the business could bring serious capital to you and your state.

Last December, as you may have heard, Missouri legalized marijuana for medicinal use. As of this April, Missouri marijuana regulators announced they plan to issue 60 cultivation, 86 processing and 192 dispensary licenses in the state’s initial MMJ permitting round.

If you’re one of the many who has applied for a growing license, you probably realize that the next step after approval is opening an infrastructure to be in accordance with not only all regulations but also safety concerns.

No matter your business endeavors, Security Equipment Inc. has you covered. We can help protect everything from growing facilities and dispensaries in Kansas City, Missouri with a customized security solution.

“What options do I have for a customized commercial security system?”


1. Business Alarm SystemsPrevent break-ins with home security systems

Having an alarm system keeps your Kansas City business, personnel and assets safe. In an industry such as this, security systems are a must. Our alarm systems come equipped with an alarm monitoring system that is supervised by our 24/7/365 local monitoring center. A business alarm also gives you perimeter protection of your physical location and with our mobile management you can access it anywhere with the use of your smart phone. We can also install panic buttons for immediate help in case of an emergency.

2. Wireless Security Cameras

With 24/7 recorded video, you can safeguard your investment, prevent loss and resolve disputes. Surveillance cameras can be installed both inside and out—keeping potential burglars away and giving you an eye on employees inside. With our remote viewing options, you don’t even have to be in the building to watch live feed or previous recordings from your security cameras. Simply access your surveillance cameras anytime by using our InTouch smartphone app. SEi goes above and beyond by providing video health monitoring, meaning you always know the moment a camera stops working.

3. Temperature MonitorsTemperature Monitoring

Growing anything indoors requires a keen eye on the inside environment. With accurate and reliable temperature sensors, those growing cannabis in Kansas City can remotely monitor the temperature of their growing rooms. Not only does this help protect your investment but it also gives you an edge on the competitors trying to manually check indoor conditions. Plus, you can set up notifications when temperatures drop below or rise above certain degrees.

4. Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

The first step is having SEi install your fire alarms to be code compliant. Once setup properly, our fire protection services give you the comfort of protecting your property and the lives of those inside. In addition, our fire alarm monitoring means you always have a rapid response to any potential fire. Not to mention, SEi provides fire alarm testing and inspections to guarantee your business complies to all local laws.

5. Access ControlBusiness Access Control

Know everyone who has access to your building, who comes and goes and at what time with business access control. You have total control of every user and access point, giving you the power to easily restrict access to those ineligible. Also, SEi provides customized reporting, so you can review this information at any point in time.

Trying to start a Kansas City business in the marijuana industry? Give SEi a call.

From commercial fire alarm systems to 24/7 video surveillance, SEi has all the security measures you need to start in this industry. If you have any questions or are interested in designing your custom security system, contact us today and see how we can protect your operation. Free consultations available!


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