Do You Need a Landline for a Security System?

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Blog, Home Security

When was the last time you asked for someone’s landline number? Exactly. Landlines are becoming obsolete, but what does this mean for landline-reliant security systems? SEi get’s those questions a lot, so we want to settle the debate.

Can You Have a Security System Without a Landline?

Yes, you can! Not only that, but we recommend it. As a matter of fact, many households are retaining their phone lines only for their security system, which is not only not necessary, but a waste of money.

Businesses also tend to believe that they need a landline to monitor their fire alarm, but this is a false narrative. Most systems today simply don’t use landlines!

What Are the Alternatives to a Landline for Security Systems?

Since only 40% of adults in America still have landlines, security companies had to keep up with the trends and add modern alternatives. Nowadays you can use cellular or internet services, or even both for added protection.

How Does My Security System Work Without a Landline?

With cellular service, your security system communicates to us the same way your cell phone would—by using wireless signals and cell towers. At SEi, we use both AT&T and Verizon, and the cellular service you use for your alarm system does not have to be the same as your phone. In fact, it has nothing to do with your phone – there is a cellular chip placed in your security panel. 

Internet security systems communicate through the web via wi-fi or ethernet, so an internet connection is required. One perk from switching to an internet system from a landline is that it’s often a faster response.

Why Switch from a Landline Alarm System?

As telecommunications update infrastructure, things have been modernized and they are no longer taking care of landlines like they used to. In addition, power outages can also affect your landline, meaning when the power is out, your system is no longer being monitored. Not to mention intruders can also cut your landline before trying to break into your home, posing a huge security risk.

With cellular and internet systems, you can have confidence that your security system will work locally, externally, and communicate with our Monitoring Center. You’ll receive a better quality of service and save money from removing your landline bill.

Is it Difficult to Switch from a Landline Security System?

No. We make it as easy as possible for both residential and commercial customers to switch from a landline.  SEi even offers reduced rates and sometimes free solutions to migrating off of landlines, depending on the equipment installed.

Contact SEi Today To Learn More

Interested in switching your system to internet or cellular? Contact us! We’d love to get you off your landline and save you some extra cash.

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