Beware Security System Scams

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Scammers seem to be everywhere—from thieves posing as credit card reps, to anonymous emails promising big fortunes if only you’d send them a small check in return—and so we must educate ourselves in order to avoid falling victim. This is especially important when it comes to security system scams. After all, if your system information is breached, it ceases to serve its purpose.

Email PhishingPhishing Scams

We’ve all seen the warnings that come from our banks or credit card providers warning us about phishing scams. Phishing is when someone poses as a trusted company in order to gain access to sensitive account information, such as your password, credit cards details, and more.

How to avoid it: Your security system provider should never ask for your information via an unsolicited email. If you have any doubts, be sure to contact your home security provider directly.

By Phone

Sometimes fraudulent calls are obvious. You may hear sounds in the background that are of an unprofessional nature (television sound effects or children playing, for example). These are tried and true red flags that the person you’re talking to is not calling from a professional place of business.

Other signs might not be as obvious. For example, the person on the other line may read off your incorrect address and ask you if it is correct. This is a set-up to get you to hand over your information. The trick may even be performed for more sensitive materials, such as payment information.

How to avoid it: Unless you’re calling your home security company directly, never give out any personal information.

In Person

We hear about people going door-to-door frequently from security companies that aren’t legit, don’t exist in this area or people who go around and see the sign in the yard and claim to be with that company and try to sell upgrades or additional services but they aren’t with the current company at all. These people don’t target only the elderly they usually canvas an entire neighborhood until word gets out they are scammers.

How to avoid it: Make your elderly friends and relatives aware of this scamming tactic. If you should find someone knocking on your door uninvited, claiming to be with your home security company, call your home security company and verify the person’s identity.

If you’re looking for a home security company that’s going to look after you, call SEi today at 800-334-3272. We make our communication policies clear so you’ll always know when it’s a true SEi representative you’re talking to.

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