The 8 Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables From A Burglar

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Blog, Safety, Uncategorized

Don’t make it easy for thieves to your money, jewelry and other valuables. Keep the 8 worst places to hide your valuables from a burglar in mind when stashing away your items.

  1. The Toilet TankMoney in toilet
    You may think that this is very clever but time and time again burglars have a tendency to check here for valuables.
    This trick was given away by a handful of movies.
  2. The Freezer
    Although your cold hard cash is safe from a fire in here it is not safe from the average burglar.
  3. A Mini Safe
    If you think that your valuables are well kept and hidden in a mini safe that you picked up from your local big box store, save your money.
    Burglars can crack them within a couple seconds or they will just take it with them.
  4. Your Kids Rooms
    Right after Christmas you kids room will be filled with all the newest greatest and very expensive electronics.
    If you have anything with great value; keeping it in your kids room is not the place to keep it.
  1. The Medicine Cabinetmedicine cabinet hiding
    Burglars will also want your prescription painkillers to sell. If you hide your fine jewelry in one of these
    orange pill bottles more than likely it will be wiped as well.
  1. The Kitchen
    Although it may take the burglar a little bit longer to go through all your kitchen drawers; there is nothing preventing them from doing so.
  1. Purses
    You may think of hiding some extra cash in your purses that are in your closet.
    Burglars love purses and handbags because they are very easy to take and go through later.
  1. Dresser
    Hiding jewelry, watches, and cash in your dresser is one of the very worst places to put valuables.
    The bedroom is often one of the first places a burglar will go to find your expensive items.

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