What Type of Security System Is Right For My Home?

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A new year calls for new look on improvements, security, and how SEi can help you protect your home. If you’re looking at getting a new home security system, or just looking to upgrade your current services, take a look at the variety of security options SEi offers.

Choosing what type of security services you need can be an overwhelming task. Everyone has different lifestyles, and therefore different needs when looking for a security system that is right for them. We’re here to help you narrow down what type of SEi Home Security Services will work for you.


Intrusion Service is a very standard, essential and effective solution for your home security needs. It is the foundation for your home security system. Intrusion services from SEi use wireless technology, paired with hard-wired systems to give you a customized system that is perfect for all homeowners’ needs.


Video Surveillance is a great solution to pair with your intrusion services, if you’re looking for a system that includes video for added security. Utilizing surveillance gives you added control with remote web capabilities. You can log in from anywhere and view a live or pre-recorded video feed of your home.

You may also consider Home Automation services, which allow you to control your locks, lights, home temperature and garage door remotely. Using SEi’s inTouch services, check and operate your home status from your phone. Added security equals added peace of mind.

BonusMake Fire Safety A Priority

Fire, Water, and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring is a personalized monitoring system that is a great addition to both intrusion and surveillance services. If you’re looking for extra protection from elemental emergencies like smoke, fire, bursting water pipes and carbon monoxide gas, monitoring services are a great bonus security that you can package in with your intrusion and surveillance systems.

These three levels are a great way to build up different types of security coverage necessary for your home.  Whether you’re looking for a Basic, Advanced, or Bonus level of security, SEi is sure to find the solution that is right for your home and your family. Give SEi a call today at 800-334-3272 to help get you on the right home security track this year.

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