Top 5 Items A Burglar Wants From Your Home

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Once inside your home, a typical burglar wants to get out as soon as possible. This means grabbing small, easily transportable items that are (sometimes literally) worth their weight in gold. Often, these items are kept in similar locations in most homes, making a burglar’s time in your living space both swift and devastating. And they’re usually after the same items every time! Here are the top 5 items a burglar wants from your home.

1. Money

A burglar could steal your stuff then sell it for money, but why do that when he can get the cash right here and now? Keep your money out of site, and definitely not under the mattress.

2. Handheld Devices

Be it your smartphone, tablet, or phablet, any handheld device that can be picked up and carried with ease is at risk.

What Burglars Want From Your Home3. Jewelry

If you’re going to hide them in a safe, be sure it’s either attached to the home in some way or is too heavy to quickly move. The “portable” security boxes only act as a tote bag for thieves who can get your most valuable items with a to-go handle.

4. Credit Cards

It’s not just swiping the card at a retail store that you should worry about. It’s the private information the thief is now privy to. And online purchases are a breeze, which can leave your bank account flat broke before you even know your card is missing.

5. Laptops

They’re made to be portable. Which is great when you’re going to class or taking a vacation. But not so great when it comes to those trying to take it off your hands. Leave laptops and telltale signs of their presence—such as accessories or power cords—out of view.

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