Who Should You Trust to Protect your Home and Family?

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Security Equipment Inc. (SEi) Your Local Partner


National Cable Companies:

You may have recently heard that your local cable company is now offering home security. However, Security Equipment Inc. has been installing security for nearly 50 years, and we mean business.

If you have ever considered getting home security from a cable company, we understand. But, we want you to know the difference between companies with experience in security versus those just entering the industry.

Here are 11 ways SEi compares to your local cable provider:


1. We are experts – SEi, your security professionals since 1969. We know what we
are doing and we don’t dilute it by trying to offer other services. SEi is BBB accredited with an A+ since 2008.

2. Flexible– Change can be difficult, but with SEi it doesn’t have to be. You can change your plan by adding or subtracting services, or take it with you if you move. Every home is different, so we make sure to customize a solution to fit your needs.

3. Non-Proprietary Equipment-With SEi, you have the flexibility to keep existing equipment or install the latest technology without being bound to a proprietary provider.

4. Local– Our monitoring inside our Customer Care Center is locally owned and operated with SEi employees. It is also UL Listed meaning it meets the strict guidelines of Underwriters Laboratories for staffing numbers and back up services.

5. Employee Trustworthiness – All employees have undergone background and drug tests, and those in our Customer Care Center are all CSAA five diamond certified. We love what we do and where we work.

6. Practical– At SEi, we utilize multiple manufacturers in order to get the best services for our customer’s specific needs. We make sure to always have the best equipment in the business so that we can suite any request.

7. Secure– Your safety is our highest priority. We offer multiple communication paths and always have help waiting just a phone call away.

8. Viewing Versatility– We allow you to view your camera clips via a personal computer and/or a mobile device. And, with SEi’s inTouch application, you can monitor your home from virtually anywhere. InTouch also allows you to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button.

9. Experience– SEi has 48 years’ experience, from home systems to large industrial facilities. Either way, everyone is treated the same—as a valued customer.

10. Honest Pricing– SEi is upfront about costs and will find a system that fits your budget. We are also consistent about our pricing and won’t increase payment after a year.

11. Family Owned– We have that small business feel. You can ask for anyone by name, and you are guaranteed to hear from them.

Cable Company

1. No focus– Is a company that does television, internet, phones, and security really an expert at any of those? Security is serious, and you can’t afford any mistakes.

2. No flexibility– When bundling specific packages, customers get locked into equipment without the flexibility to change. If they allow you to change, it won’t be without an increase in your monthly payment.

3. Proprietary Equipment– Since the cable company owns all of the equipment in your house, only they can provide service. In some cases, you actually have to pay more monthly because you are only renting the equipment.

4. Outsourced– You won’t be able to find anyone local to talk to. Plus, your system’s monitoring center may be outsourced, meaning it goes to a generic call center not dedicated to monitoring your home.

5. Employee Trustworthiness– Employees will know far more about cable then security. Usually, cable companies will hire contractors for installation and service, they typically won’t request a background or drug test before the contractors enter your home.

6. Unpractical– Cable companies will only utilize one manufacturer, not making practical use of the different options from varying manufacturers.

7. Unsecure– Have they offered battery backup? Is your system being monitored with one communication path only (internet or cellular)? Because we all know cell service can go in and out, and internet can drop completely. There should always be a backup when talking about security.

8. Viewing Limitations– You may only be able to view your security camera’s clips on a personal computer, which means you don’t have the versatility of using mobile devices when away from a computer.

9. Inexperience– Cable companies have just started to get into security, and are trying to learn an entire new trade.

10. Bundling Downfall– Cable companies make bundling appear like the easy and affordable choice. However, with yearly up-charges, it ends up costing more than expected.

11. Large Corporation– It’s hard to have a personal connection with a large business. Larger companies only care about your money and not the important things, like your safety and your needs.

Security for you, your family, your pets, and your home is a serious job and is something that we at SEi do not take lightly. When deciding on a security service, make sure you pick a company whose number one priority is your safety.

When you have finished weighing out the options, give us a call, because we guarantee we have the best value in the Midwest.

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