Saving money and energy should be simple. That’s why we offer smart thermostats that you control with your smart phone through our app.

After smart security, smart temperature is the number 2 most popular smart home technology installed in homes today.

smart thermostat save moneySudden schedule change? Your smart thermostat will adjust accordingly.

Our lives are hectic and our schedules can never be predicted 100%. Your smart home thermostat reacts by using real time geofencing of where you are. If you get within your set radius of your house it will automatically adjust the thermostat to your pre-set temperature.

Remote Controlsmart thermostat save money

One of the best parts of the smart thermostats is the fact that you never have to get up to change the temperature again. Once you furnish your home with a smart thermostat and download our app you can control the temperature of with the touch of a finger, anywhere.


The SEi inTouch app can send you alerts if the temperature gets too high or too low. This prevents freezing pipes in extremely cold weather.  If the furnace or AC isn’t working you can call a technician to come address the problem so you don’t return to problems and a hot or cold home/business.

SSmart Thermostat Saves Moneyave Money and Energy

A smart thermostat does more than just give you the luxury of changing your homes temperature sitting on the couch or kicking on the furnace before you get home. Once you set a schedule or enable geofencing it will automatically adjust your homes temperature to a money saving mode to keep your home a few degrees warmer, or cooler depending on the time of year.

Smart thermostats can be added to existing systems or included as part of your new custom security solution.
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Leaking or broken pipes can cause a real mess. Even a small amount of water, if gone undetected, can seep into corners of rooms and carpets, creating an opportunity for mold growth. Having a detection system in place can help save you a lot of hassle in the future—not to mention money. Which is why you need a water monitoring system in your home.

Where do the water monitoring sensors go?

The sensors for the water monitoring system can be installed both on the floor and on pipes. The floor sensors are set off when touched directly by water, and can be installed near possible problem areas to ensure a water leak is detected early. Pipe sensors are attached to pipes themselves, allowing them to detect leaky or busted pipes. Pipes that sensors can be attached to include toilet lines, the water main, sump pumps, and on/near water heaters.

How am I alerted of water detections?

If water is detected, SEi’s 24-hour monitoring center will alert you via a phone call to the main contact number on your account. The proper local authorities will be alerted as well in order to ensure minimal damage.

What other home monitoring services should I look into? Water Icon_Web

Carbon Monoxide Icon_WebFire Icon_WebBeyond water damage, every home is at risk for both fires and carbon monoxide. SEi offers comprehensive fire and carbon monoxide detection systems in addition to water monitoring systems. You can purchase them individually or as part of a package, allowing you to create a custom monitoring system for your home.

To get a water monitoring system installed in your home, call SEi today at 800-334-3272. And while you’re at it, ask our professionals about our other monitoring systems and security options. There’s no better time than now to make sure your property and family are safe from harm.​

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