Know the Moment Your Security Camera Stops Working

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Blog

Monitor your surveillance system 24/7

So, you have realized that your home or business are valuable assets and have decided to protect them with security cameras, right? But have you ever thought about what happens if the camera stops working or the connection is lost?

We have. That’s why offer monitoring of your cameras and recording devices to know the exact moment a camera goes down.  We call it, Video Health Monitoring.

Video Health Monitoring is about monitoring the status of your camera so that you never need to worry about not getting video when you might need it the most.

This ensures that you have usable video at all times. Don’t be in a situation where an event happens that you wanted to get on camera, only to check your device and realize it was down. Or, that the quality of the video was so low it’s deemed worthless. We want to make sure you always know the current state of your camera’s health.

Sometimes connections get interrupted, damaging weather occurs, or technical malfunctions occur. We have always done our best to be proactive about these situations, but if you don’t have Video Health Monitoring, we may not be aware you have a camera down. This turns the process from reactive to predictive.

Any issues can be proactively corrected before they cost you or your business time and money.

If you own a business, you know you can’t keep your eyes on everything at once. That’s what we are for. If your camera stops providing video stream, we can alert you to the problem and send our technicians to fix it upon your request.

We want to help you verify that critical cameras are working properly. Security system health monitoring is the best way to do that. Let us know if you are interested in Video Health Monitoring today.

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