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As a business owner, you’ve invested a large chunk of your time, money and energy to make your business work.  Now it’s time work on keeping your business safe.

Don’t risk it all by leaving yourself vulnerable to burglaries.  Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized as homes, and small businesses are targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed. To top it off almost 80 percent of all burglaries go unsolved.

Here’s a few tips on keeping your business safe.  Carry out as many of these preventive measures as possible to protect your business.

Preventive Measures – The Exterior

  • Light it up!  Light all exterior sides of our business, including any alleys and parking lots.
    • Most store burglaries happen at night when it’s dark.  A well lit area will serve an important deterrent.
  •  Install alarm systems and test it regularly.
    • Use signs and stickers to advertise your alarm systems.  This is another important burglar deterrent.
  • Reinforce Doors – use long screws, strike plates, pop out proof hinges, etc.
  •  Replace hollow core doors
  • Issue as few keys as possible and don’t keep them on a key chain with your company name
  •  Secure all roof openings – air ducts, skylights, air-conditioning units, basement openings etc.
  • Clear away debris and maintain landscaping.
    •  Keep shrubs, bushes, big trees away from windows and doors
  •  Protect windows and glass doors with transparent window film, security glazing or security panels.  Consider installing burglar-resistant glass.  Use bars on rear and side windows.

Preventive Measures – The Interior

  • Keep a minimum of cash on the premises. Leave cash registers empty and open after hours.
  • Keep valuable merchandise and business equipment away from the windows or doors. Helps to prevent smash and grabs.
  • Make it difficult to steal merchandise
    • change up the direction of hangers on racks
    • Chain bicycles together.
  • Lock up small valuables in cabinets and showcases.
  • Arrange window displays so that passersby and police are able to see into the store.
  • Anchor your safe
  • Keep all valuable documents and items, including company vehicle keys, in a safe.
  • Always leave an interior light on that is visible from the street.
  • Inspect all closets, bathrooms, and other hiding places before closing.
    • You don’t want to lock the burglar inside when you leave
  • For personal safety, try to have two people present at both opening and closing.

If you suspect that your business has been burglarized, call the police immediately at 911. Do not try to enter the premises – the burglar may still be inside. Do not disturb any evidence. Consult with your local crime prevention officer to discuss how to best protect your business from another burglary.

SEi offers a full suite of business security services.  We offer intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, video surveillance, access control, automation services and much more.  Our security consultants are trained and ready to help you set up a custom security solution that meets your exact needs.  We’d love to partner with you to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to grow.  Call us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.  800-334-3272

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