How to Keep Your Kansas City Home Safe This Summer

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With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time to finally shake free of our winter coats and head out for some fun around Kansas City. Whether you’re strolling Vine Street or cheering on the Royals at Kauffman Stadium, it’s always a good feeling knowing your home is protected while you’re out. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to keep your Kansas City home safe this summer so you can spend your time having fun—not worrying about your home.

Stay up on Recent CrimesKeep Up with Crime Reports

We all love Kansas City. But like any other city, crime happens on a daily basis. By staying up on recent police reports, we can be smarter about what’s going on around us, and take precautions as necessary.

The Internet is a great resource for staying up-to-date. You can view recent crimes in your area by going to a crime-reporting website (www.crimereports.com for example) and typing in your address. The Crime Reports site also allows you to create alerts so you can get updates sent directly to your mobile device.

Seal Your Home

It may feel like common sense, but it’s worth saying: when you leave your home, be sure to lock your doors and windows. An open window that was letting in a cool breeze earlier can turn into a welcome entry for a would-be burglar if left open while you’re gone.

If you’ll be away from home after the sun goes down, set your lights to turn on. This small step acts as a great deterrent, as robbers are much less likely to attempt a robbery on a home with someone inside.

Keep Belongings InsideKeep Belongings Inside

Nothing says easy pickings for a burglar like a bike or other item sitting in your driveway. So be sure to put anything of value inside your garage before you head out. Also, don’t leave packages on your front porch for too long. This, too, is an easy target and can indicate that the house is unoccupied.

How SEi Can Help

SEi’s inTouch system allows you to control many functions of your home directly from your smartphone—your locks, lights, and you’re even able to see a live video feed of your home right on your phone.

Call SEi today at 800-334-3272 to learn more about our inTouch system and how it can keep your home in Kansas City, or anywhere in the United States, safe this summer.

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