How to avoid becoming a pickpocket victim

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Pickpocketing occurs on average more than 100 times per day in each city.  Do you think that you would notice if you were being pickpocketed? Think again. You may be less aware and therefore more vulnerable to being a pickpocket victim while traveling than you realize.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent being pickpocketed:

  • Never hang our purse or bag over the back of the chair at a restaurant. Keep the bag within view. You can get a purse hook to store your bag in a secure position in your sight.
  • Be sure to keep your wallet in your front pocket of your pants. This allows you to have a visual of what is happening, rather than behind your back.
  • Don’t have all of your important belongings in one place. Use clothing that has hidden inside pockets or pockets that have a zipper.
  • The best option to store important belongings while you are on the go is to invest in a money belt. This goes around your waist and under your clothes. Nylon money belts are the best because they resist sweat and water. These usually cost less than 10 dollars and could save you hundreds.
  • Do you like watching that performer on the side of the street showcasing their great skill? Pick pocket enemies like them to; they distract you which can make you a very easy target for them to strike.
  • Don’t let looks fool you, although you may think that most pocket pickers would be not well dressed or educated that is not the case. Most pocket pickers are well dressed highly educated individuals that you would trust interacting with in day to day activities.

If you are a victim here is what to do

Even the most prepared individuals can become a victim of a thief. If you are traveling out of the country be sure to have a plan in place in the event a theft happens. It is important to have a number to call to report the crime for instance the local police or embassy. It is important to make sure that you can easily cancel your credit cards. Whether this is through your banks mobile app or you have their phone number stored in your phone in case of an attack. Be sure to prepare for a attack; be sure to have extra funds separate from your wallet while traveling so you do not end up stranded in a country with no funds.

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