7 Reasons to Automate Your Home with inTouch

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SEi inTouchWith the touch of a button, you can control your home wherever you are. With inTouch from SEi, simply open the app on your smartphone and you’ll have access to a live video feed, locks, lights and you’ll be able to arm/disarm the alarm. Those are all great reasons to have inTouch, but for good measure we’ve gathered 7 more reasons to automate your home with inTouch.


  1. See your home at all times

Live video feed on your smartphone via the secure inTouch app allows you to see your home 24 hours a day. And with inTouch’s motion detection system, you’ll be alerted instantly if any sensors are tripped.

  1. Save money on air conditioning and heat

Setting start and stop times for the A/C and heat through a finicky thermostat is a thing of the past. With inTouch, you can set when your air will go on and off through the easy-to-use app. Not only are you saving yourself from the hassle, you’re also saving money.

  1. See when packages arrive

If you’ve ordered an item online but can’t stay home to wait for its arrival, use the inTouch video solution to be alerted. The motion detector will trip and you’ll be sent information of the activity on your porch via your smartphone.

  1. Lock and unlock doors

Whether you need to let the kids in after school or let the plumber in for repairs, control of your home’s locks is in the palm of your hand.

  1. Safety with forgotten lights

If you forget to turn off a light when you leave your home, the heat created can become a fire hazard. Eliminate this risk by checking whether the lights are on, and then turning them off—right from your phone!

  1. Even when you’re out of town, you’re in control

Ever get the feeling you forgot to do something? This nagging thought lingers with most of us as soon as we head out for vacation. Get peace of mind by checking on (and controlling) your locks, lights, and more with inTouch.

  1. Save time

When you add up all the benefits of an automated home, one thing becomes clear: the time you save on a daily basis adds up quickly. That’s time you can spend doing whatever it is your safe heart desires.

See for yourself how inTouch can save you money, keep your family safe and help keep your peace of mind, by calling SEi today at 800-334-3272. Ask for your FREE consultation and more information on customizable inTouch security packages.

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